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We support business development and continuity; providing efficient technology that ensures a true and safe digital transformation.


we believe in people


Write us about our career and referral program: .


At Certy Group we work for an inclusive future that benefits our employees, communities and the planet. Find more information about our Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives on our blog.

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our services


Our goal is to provide our clients with the ability to carry out business processes, without worrying about their technological platform


Today, a good Cybersecurity strategy has become one of the central axes for the healthy development of companies. Understanding the risks businesses face today is our specialty. We are committed to safeguarding one of the most precious assets for our business partners, information.

software, infrastructura and platforms as a SERVICe (xaaS)

We accompany you by the hand until you can achieve a true digital transformation. We have a wide portfolio of Software, Infrastructure and Platforms as a Service (XaaS) solutions, which allow us to position our business partners, in accordance with the highest standards and best practices in the industry.


We offer professional training programs in different branches of technology. We have extensive experience providing training in Data Networks, Infrastructure, Information Security and Communications.

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